Health and Safety

Safety is a Core Value

Health and Safety Commitments

Creating a safe and healthy work environment is part of Wolverine Construction’s guiding principles. Our goal is to maintain “Target Zero” in our workplace. We have developed a saftey management system for that main purpose. We want to minimize loss and accommodate every worker’s right to a safe and healthy workplace.

Wolverine Construction works with the safest and best clients in the industry and we work to ensure that we are not only working within the requirements of our clients but consistently improving our own safety system and strengthening our safety culture.

Green Hand & Mentorship Program

Wolverine Construction has developed and implemented a Green Hand & Mentorship Program to ensure new and young workers make a safe, healthy, and productive transition into our operations. This program will provide new workers with necessary training, guidance and support to safely execute their work. Our experienced supervisors and mentors will ensure new workers are provided with on-the-job training, support and guidance and will monitor their work activities to ensure compliance with Wolverine’s HSE policies and procedures. All Green Hands will be graduated from the program after receiving a passing grade from thier supervisor and mentor.

New and young workers are at a much higher risk of injury than any other age group. This program is designed to ensure we eliminate these risks, so all workers stay safe and leave at the end of their work shift injury and incident free.

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